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Just some of our features...

Surgical Scheduling

Real-time access to surgical schedule and pre & post-op information learn more

Secure Communication

HIPAA compliant communication with your care team members

Case Image & Videos

Easily share case files, images, DICOMs, PDFs, MS Office documents and videos


2,048 bit secure access to our encrypted double firewall platform

DocSpera iPhone & Android App

Mobile Surgical Scheduling

Integrated secure, efficient, and collaborative scheduling with your care team & reps for coordinate planning

Live Messaging

Easy sharing of case files and collaborating on sugical cases, all in a familiar secure text message style format

Access to Case Files

View and upload of image, x-ray, video and DICOM files with simple sharing options and annotation tools


Easy to use DICOM viewer, accessible through Cabinet, Live Messages or Scheduling on mobile & web

High-Resolution Photos

Access to hi-definition digital x-ray images, to be able to zoom in to see finer details and annotate case notes

Video & Image Sharing

Medical video sharing has never been easier! Attach videos to your Messages and Surgical Schedules

Learn more about the DocSpera iPhone app

DocSpera Testimonials

the best under-recognized app on the market for helping to keep busy docs organized

~Orthopedic Surgeon

I do a fair bit of team coverage for athletic teams. Connecting w. the athletic trainers is a breeze, they love the real-time interaction and HIPAA compliance as well... Best under-recognized app on the market to keep busy docs organized. A true hidden gem

~Surgeon, Johnstown PA

the extremely user-friendly mobile app offers remarkable flexibility and provides seamless HIPAA compliant communication between the surgical team and industry reps, ensuring no preoperative planning or scheduling detail goes unrecognized

~Orthopedic Surgeon, Arlington TX

the applicability, the simplicity, the ease of use and real-time updates to my care team, all while being HIPAA compliant is phenomenal!

~Physician, iPhone App Store

overall, DocSpera is a great solution for practices or providers looking to collaborate and share information about patients and cases

this product has improved schedule coordination between my office and hospital staff immensely

~Physician, Batesville AK

Brought to you from Silicon Valley

DocSpera's innovative core team comprises of professionals with backgrounds in healthcare, technology and security. Our team have come from leading companies including Yahoo!, Microsoft, Cisco, Esri, GE, Intuit, ING Bank, and Eli Lilly to name a few.


 Live Interactions Since 2014

Real-time interactions include: Secure messages sent, cases uploaded and scheduled events created by Physicians & Healthcare professionals.

DocSpera Partners

DocSpera works with leading solution providers and organizations in the industry...

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  • HIPAA Compliant
    Encrypted, secure HIPAA compliant web & mobile platform
  • Surgical Scheduling
    Integrated scheduling platform coordinated across you careteam
  • Access from Anywhere
    Instantly consult with your colleagues: share images, videos and cases

Care Teams

  • Seamless Coordination
    Coordinate across your organization with all members of the team
  • Improve Productivity
    Easily communicate while on the go and free up time to spend with your patients
  • Real-time Access to Physicians
    Reach doctors with urgent needs through notifications

Industry Sales Rep

  • Improve Surgeon Support
    Better access and improved responsiveness.
  • Become More Productive
    One platform to coordinate with both physicians and your team
  • Improve Planning
    Embedded surgical scheduling for improved planning