Enable secure, efficient, and collaborative schedule with your care team and suppliers to enhance planning and care


  • Access to secure care schedule from any device
  • Workflow productivity via easy access and collaboration across entire care team
  • Gain insights on the performance of your organization

Get DocSpera for your iPhone/iPad or Android

DocSpera Scheduling on Web, iPhone, and Android

Coordinated Sharing

Manage your schedule with critical pre-op info, case images, and case status in one place. Enable your assistant to manage your schedule w/one click

  • Edit, consume, and share scheduled cases with your team, OR and device reps.
  • Find all key pre-op case information and images in one place.
  • Easily get confirmation on attendance and track the history of edits on the schedule
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Cross Platform

View your upcoming cases and their details on your mobile or web while on the go.

  • Easily access your upcoming surgical schedule from web, mobile, and tablet
  • Manage upcoming schedule via mobile app to maximize your time
  • View case images and relevant pre-op information remotely

Performance Management

Easily track and manage overall scheduled and unscheduled surgeries for your organization to drive your business

  • Maximize the performance of your practice by reviewing and measuring key metrics based on auto generated reporting
  • Generate additional revenue by ensuring unscheduled surgeries get alerted and scheduled
  • Optimize expenses through enhanced productivity and transparency
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